Bus excursions in Poland

sightseeing bus excursions PolandOur customers often ask us: "Does the tour operator City Tours also organize sightseeing tours outside town?". The answer is: of course we do! The word "City" in our name only means that we are specialized in the organization of sightseeing bus tours in a city or starting from a city - which also includes sightseeing bus excursions in the surroundings of a city and on the countryside all around Europe!

In Poland, the tour operator City Tours can also organize tailor-made bus excursions to interesting destinations starting from any big city. These are of course private sightseeing tours only for the tourist party that ordered it. In principle, you can book a bus excursion to any destination in Poland via City Tours Poland. We distinguish different kinds of bus excursions - depending on the kind of vehicle and how long the sightseeing tour lasts:

Kind of vehicle

  • bus excursions: larger tourist parties and groups can book tailor-made bus excursions and coach excursions via City Tours Poland. You can either just book a bus or entrust City Tours Poland with the entire planning, organization and performance of your sightseeing programme. In the lattest case, we can help you with all steps and all aspects of your travel planning, assuming for example the organization of tour guide services for your coach excursion, the reservation of group menus in restaurants and taverns, the booking of concert tickets, show tickets and museum tickets, and any other service you might need to make your sightseeing tour look exactly as you dreamed it.
  • minibus excursions: small groups until eight persons can book a minibus or a minivan instead of a motor coach. Yet please note that if a minibus already has eight passengers and a driver, there is no room left for a tour guide or a tour manager! Just like with bus excursions, City Tours Poland offers either just minibus rental or the full organization of your sightseeing minibus excursion in Poland.

Duration of the coach excursion

  • Half-day excursions: as said in the name, half-day excursions last half a day - which means a maximum of four hours from the meeting time with the bus driver and / or the tour manager or tour guide to the time the passengers definitely get off the bus. In case of a half-day excursion, it is important that the starting point and the ending point are both located in the same city. You can either just hire a bus or minibus from City Tours Poland for your half-day bus excursion starting from any city in Poland - or let City Tours Poland organize entirely your bus excursion.
  • Full-day excursions: full-day excursions are not as easy to define as half-day excursions. In principle, City Tours Poland regards as full-day excursion any minivan or bus excursion that lasts more than four hours and less than ten hours. Yet we also do regard some bus excursions that last less than four hours as "full-day excursions": these are excursions whose starting point and ending point are not located in a city - or not in the same city. At any rate, the team of tour operator City Tours Poland would be delighted to organize and perform your tailor-made one-day excursion anywhere in Poland or to provide you with a motor coach or a minivan for your bus excursion in Poland!

If a bus excursion lasts more than a day and includes group accommodation, we do not call it a bus excursion but a coach trip. Of course, we do also organize longer sightseeing bus trips in Poland, starting for example from Warsaw, Gdansk, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan or anywhere else in Poland.

Are you interested in reserving a sightseeing bus excursion in Poland? Would you like more information about the organization of tailor-made bus excursions or minibus sightseeing excursions in Poland, or did you maybe already decided on booking a half-day excursion or a full-day sightseeing excursion in Poland? In all cases, the team of tour operator City Tours Poland is looking forward to your email at and will answer you in very little time!