Sightseeing bus tours in Poland

sightseeing coach tours PolandSightseeing bus tours have always been the best way to visit a new city. Walking tours and horse-drawn carriages do not enable you to get a complete sight of the city, its history and its main sights in so little time. As a former tour guide agency, the tour operator City Tours Poland knows how a sightseeing tour with a professional tour guide must be: both entertaining and informative, varied and yet not overloaded.

In co-operation with an extended network of English-speaking tour guides all around Poland, City Tours Poland offers a large choice of sightseeing bus tours in Warsaw, Gdansk, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan and everywhere else in Poland. Apart from each city's distinctive features, City Tours Poland's sightseeing tour offer includes the following theme tours:

  • Overview sightseeing tours: an overview sightseeing bus tour is perfect for a first visit in a city. This way you are sure you will see each of the main sight at least once. What's more, the tour guide provides the passengers with the main information about history and culture and present life in the city. City Tours Poland offers overview sightseeing tours in all Polish cities. Depending on traffic density and number of sights in the corresponding town, an overview sightseeing tour can last one to three hours. In some cities, overview bus tours can only be booked in combination with a walking tour - especially in some Polish cities with many sights in the town center and an extended pedestrian zone.
  • Architecture sightseeing tours: travellers who are particularly interested in the Polish architecture can order special sightseeing bus tours on the subject of architecture, available in most Polish cities. Depending on the architecture in the corresponding city, the tour will focus on different architecture movements.
  • History bus tours: depending on the city and the tourist party's own interests, a historical sightseeing bus tour can either explain the city's building history and illustrate it with interesting facts and entertaining anecdotes - or focus on a particular historical subject. For example, a sightseeing tour can deal with a famous Polish personality, or with the history of criminal law in the city. Most of the time, we recommend combining a historical sightseeing bus tour with a guided walking tour on the same subject.
  • Night life sightseeing bus tours: sightseeing bus tours focused on night life in a city became very popular in the last few years. The tour manager shows the passengers how the night life is in his / her hometown and warns them against tourist traps and other night dangers. City Tours Poland is working on the development of a nightlife-sightseeing-tour offer in all Polish cities.

Are you interested in booking a sightseeing bus tour in any city in Poland? Would you like to discover a Polish city together with an English-speaking tour guide or an English-speaking tour manager aboard a bus or a minibus? We are looking forward to your request at ! What's more: City Tours Poland also offers sightseeing tours with horse-drawn carriages or rental cars with driver in most Polish cities - ideal for single travellers, families and small groups!