Tour guides in Poland

Polish tour guidesContrary to most tour operators, the pan-European tour operator City Tours wasn't originally an incoming agency, but a tour guide agency. Consequently, we do know how important a good tour guide is to the success of the whole travel - the tour guide is very often the only connecting link between the travellers and the local population and culture. He is ambassador of his country and not only explains the sights, but also enables the travellers to get an idea of what the culture looks like in the country he's visiting, so that he gets to understand better this very country and / or region.

Consequently, all tour guides have to possess good knowledge of their country or their city. Yet when selecting appropriate tour guides for walking tours, museum guided tours, sightseeing bus tours or coach excursions, City Tours Poland does not only pay attention to cultural and historical knowledge - we also pay at least as much attention to the ability of our tour guides to mix interesting information with thrilling anecdotes, so as to offer a pleasant cultural experience. That's why we do not only regularly check our Poland tour guides' knowledge and language skills, but also their eloquence and - thanks to customer feedback - their entertaining effect on their audience during all kinds of guided tours.

You can entrust City Tours Poland with the organization of your guided tour in Poland in any language and be sure that you will get the most appropriate tour guide for your group and for the place you are visiting. Among others, City Tours Poland offers you the following tour guide services in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Poznan, Gdansk, and all around Poland:

  • Walking tours: City Tours Poland's English-speaking tour guides would be delighted to show you around any Polish city and share their knowledge about the main sights and memorials. Apart from general first-view city tours, we also offer special guided tours on various themes in many cities. In some cities, our offer actually includes tens of different guided walks available as private guided tours for a tourist party.
  • Museum visits: if you are interested in visiting a museum in Poland together with a professionally licensed English-speaking tour guide, the City Tours Poland team would be delighted to provide you with the most appropriate tour guide. As a specialist, your tour guide will select for you the most important and interesting exhibition pieces.
  • Guided bus city tours: our English-speaking tour guides can also come with you on a sightseeing bus tour in any Polish city - Krakow, Warsaw, Poznan, Gdansk, etc. - and provide you with entertaining information about the main sights and monuments. a sightseeing bus tour with a tour guide is an interesting way to get to know all important places in a city in very little time. Of course, City Tours Poland can provide you not only with an English-speaking tour guide, but also with the appropriate vehicle for your sightseeing tour in Poland. For more information about this particular offer, please visit either our "bus rental" or our "minivan rental" pages.
  • Guided bus excursions: if you want to organize a coach excursion starting from any city in Poland, it is also a good idea to hire a competent English-speaking Polish tour guide. Thus you are sure you will not miss any sight nor any interesting destination - and your tour guide will let you know all important pieces of information. What's more, your local tour guide will probably be able to help you choose the best group menu and group accommodation, thanks to their know-how and local knowledge.

Did we araise your interest for guided tours and other guide services? Would you like to get a tailor-made offer for a walking tour, a museum guided tour, a sightseeing bus tour or a guided excursion with a tour guide during your stay in Poland? The team of tour operator City Tours is looking forward to reading from you at ! We will be delighted to answer all your questions about guided tours with professional tour guides in Poland and provide you with a tour guide speaking your own language.